Pool Maintenance Tips

In this modern lifestyle, swimming pools play a huge role in both commercial and residential properties. You have to boost the lifespan of your swimming with the right maintenance since it is one of the biggest investments you’ve made.  

To protect the equipment used in it, offer comfort to the users, and guarantee hygiene, you have to clean the pools regularly. You can effectively clean your pool with the help of a little knowledge and professional pool cleaning SW Florida services.  

Routine maintenance of your pool helps you save money down the line on serious damages. Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips in maintaining your swimming pool: 

Maintain Chemical Level 

One of the vital aspects that you’ve got to maintain properly in your pool is the chemical. This will ensure you protect both the pool and your family members. The wrong chemical level in the pool can cause eye irritation and skin irritation. Aside from that, it can result in the growth of harmful bacteria. You can get advice from the professionals on how to maintain the level of chemicals in your pool. This includes calcium hardness, alkalinity, chlorine, and much more. 

Get Rid of Oils 

The lotion or oil used on their body get collected in the water once the swimmers get into the pool. To absorb the oils, you can use a tennis ball to clean the water. The fibers in the tennis ball have a tendency to absorb the oil from the pool and offer a fresh look to your swimming pool. 

Clean the Filtration System 

For those who don’t know, the filtration system of your swimming pool gets rid of the impurities in the water. That is the reason why it is considered the kidney of your pool. Aside from that, it also gets rid of waste materials such as small objects, leaves, and dirt that are found in the pool. A lot of professionals recommend cleaning the filter by turning it off, getting rid of the cap, and lifting the basket. It is advised to clean the filtration system every month. If you do this, you can easily avoid any expensive repairs down the line.  

Clean the Water 

Water is a vital component of the swimming pool that you have to clean frequently to prevent a lot of issues. It’s ideal to spend some time getting rid of the debris and leaves found on the water surface. To do this, you can use a vacuum.  

Scrub and Skim Regularly 

Skimming debris and leaves off the water should be done every day if you really value your swimming pool. Think about purchasing a robot vacuum that will clean the pool’s floor if you’ve got money to spend. Aside from skimming, you also have to scrub the walls of the pool to avoid the buildup of algae. You can scrub the walls of your pool every week. If you don’t have the time to do all of these, you can hire a professional pool cleaner.